basic pricing

Four-Day Classes: Harp, Concertina, Guitar
All classes and all three concert tickets: $325.00

Three-Day Class: Fiddle
All classes and all three concert tickets: $210.00

Two-Day Class: Flute/Whistle
All classes and all three concert tickets: $190.00

Part-time students:
All classes are priced at $25.00/hr

$15.00 per ticket; children under 12 free.          
Three concert tickets for $30.00

Sean-Nós Dance Workshop: $25.00

Session Bus: $12.50 One Way, $25.00 Round Trip

Adult Fiddle Workshop: $50.00

All Piping Workshops: $115.00

Harp Classes with Máire Ní Chathasaigh

Click the button to see the class description and to let us know days and times you plan to attend Máire Ní Chathasaigh's harp class.

Remember, if you attend all the harp classes and purchase at least three concert tickets, you get a discount!

Fiddle Classes with James Kelly

Click the button to see the class description and to let us know days and times you plan to attend James Kelly's fiddle class.

Remember, if you attend all the fiddle classes and purchase at least three concert tickets, you get a discount!

adult fiddle workshop with james kelly

Click the button to see the workshop description and let us know if you plan to attend James Kelly's adult fiddle workshop.


flute and whistle class with seán Gavin

uilleann pipes with Seán gavin

concertina class with brían Ó hairt

Click the button to see the class description and to let us know days and times you plan to attend Seán Gavin's flute and whistle class.

Click the button to see the workshop description and to let us know days and times you plan to attend Seán Gavin's piping workshops.

Click the button to see the class description and to let us know days and times you plan to attend Brían Ó hAirt's concertina class.

Guitar Classes
with Chris Newman

Click the button to see the class description and to let us know days and times you plan to attend Chris Newman's guitar class.

sean-Nós dance workshops with brían Ó Hairt

Sean-nós dancing is a percussive dance form from the southern Conamara region of western County Galway.  It is improvisational and focuses on both accompanying and guiding the musician by way of repetitive timing steps punctuated by tricks, which emulate the melodic structure of the tune.  A dancer wears hard leather-soled shoes (or something with a good thwack!) and positions his or herself near the musician so as to accommodate this musical conversation.  The body is relaxed, the steps are often asymmetrical, yet the form is reminiscent of (but creates an experience quite different from) modern Irish step dancing.  

These classes focus on building an awareness of timing, weight distribution, foot placement, and connection to the music--aside from the general teaching of steps associated with this dance form.  Several minutes are spent warming up and stretching before and after the bulk of teaching.  I also allow time for 'stepping out'--i.e. dancing freely to the music to practice newly acquired material in a playful, relaxed atmosphere.  It’s my desire to make this dance form financial accessible so my rates vary to accommodate all that goes into engaging a community—from rental costs to average community income to publicity.

Click the button to let us know if you will attend either of Brían Ó hAirt's sean-nós dance workshops. They will be offered on Thursday, June 15, and Sunday, June 17.  Students are encouraged to take both classes to build on what they learn. 

Thursday night concert at
chief o'neill's

“How We Learned”

Some of Chicago’s finest musicians, including Liz Carroll, Jimmy Keane, Laurence Nugent, Dennis Cahill, and Pauline Conneely, will be joined by fiddle master James Kelly and harp genius Maíre Ní Chathasaigh to perform and to enlighten us about how they honed their craft.  They will enthrall us with stories of their own musical inspirations, including legendary players like Johnny McGreevy, Eleanor Kane-Neary, Terry “Cuz” Teehan, John Kelly, and Bobby Casey. The performers will be joined in discussion by fiddler and singer Maida Sugrue, one of the last remaining students of legendary fiddler Pádraig O'Keeffe. Mrs. Sugrue has retired from performing, but will make a very special appearance to discuss her life in music. Always amiable and humorous, renowned banjo player Pauline Conneely will host the evening, in addition to performing and discussing her own experiences as a young musician. Audience members will be given time to ask questions. This promises to be a night that will inspire for decades to come. 

Friday Evening Special Events at gaelic park

While the majority of the camp's events will take place on the North Side of Chicago, we have planned a very special evening with some of Chicago's most legendary musicians at Gaelic Park, an amazing venue built by the Irish community on the South Side and the Shepherd School's home on Saturdays. 

5 PM Session Bus leaves the Irish American Heritage Center
6:30 PM Session Bus arrives at Gaelic Park
6:30 PM Dinner Buffet available in the Tara Room North; Carraig Pub open
7:30 PM Doors Open in the Celtic Room
8:00 PM "Legends of Lanigan's" Concert in the Celtic Room
10:30 PM Carraig Pub open for sessions
10:30 PM - 12:00 AM Drivers available to return to the North Side
12:00 AM Session Bus leaves Gaelic Park
1:00 AM Session Bus arrives at the Irish American Heritage Center

SEssion BUs

 We wanted to offer a convenient way for everyone to get from their classes on the North Side to the evening events on the South Side, and back to the North Side from Gaelic Park. So we got a party bus. Click the Session Bus button for full details about the bus, its schedule, and its cost, and to reserve your seat. Don't forget to bring your instruments and some snacks and drinks - alcohol is allowed for those over 21.

Additionally, please note that if you prefer not to take the bus, we have a limited number of volunteer drivers available to bring people between the North Side and the South Side and back at several different times. Click the Volunteer Driver button for more information and to sign up.

Dinner at Gaelic Park

For your convenience, on the night of the concert at Gaelic Park, there will be a cafeteria-style dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options set up for us in the Tara Room North, conveniently located just around the corner from the Carraig Pub and across the hall from the elevator to the concert venue, the Celtic Room.

The dinner cannot be purchased in advance. When you arrive, simply select your items and pay at the register. Prices range from $5-10. Options will include pub grub (sausages and chips, fish and chips, chicken fingers,) soup and salad, and choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian entree. 

Alcohol may be purchased in the Carraig Pub.

RSVP is not required, but it is appreciated, to help us get an idea of the how many to expect!

Obviously, no underage drinking will be permitted. Per Chicago ordinance, licensed security will be aboard the bus. 

friday night concert at
gaelic park

“Legends Of Lanigan’s”

Three of Chicago’s most celebrated musical legends, Kevin Henry, Albert Neary, and Malachy Towey, have played music in Chicago for over fifty years. While these three tradition bearers have led a session every Sunday night at Lanigan’s Pub on 111th street for nearly twenty years, this special night will see them featured in a different setting: performing and speaking about their experiences learning and playing music in Ireland, London, New York, Chicago, and many other places. They will impart some of their wisdom about keeping the tradition alive. They will be joined by fiddler James Kelly, harpist Maíre Ní Chathasaigh, fluter & piper Séan Gavin, fluter Laurence Nugent, and fiddler Devin Shepherd for a night that will not soon be forgotten.

Saturday Night concert at chief o'neill's

James Kelly.jpg
maire and chris.jpg

Guest Artist Concert
James Kelly
Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman

On Saturday night, we will feature our world-renwowned guest artists in concert in the intimate setting of the upstairs venue at Chief O'Neill's. Both artists are recipients of the Irish Traditional Musician of the Year award, the Gradam Cheoil TG4: Máire in 2001, and James in 2006. 

About James:
"James is one of the most outstanding Irish musicians of this or any generation." --Dr. Mick Moloney, Musician and Folklorist, New York University

"As a virtuoso violinist and exponent of Irish Traditional Music, James ranks among the very best in Ireland today." --Tony MacMahon, Senior Producer, Radio Telefis Eireann

About Máire and Chris
“One of the UK’s most staggering and influential acoustic guitarists” (fROOTS) in concert with “the doyenne of Irish harpers” (SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY), sole harper recipient to date of the prestigious Irish Traditional Musician of the Year Award (Gradam Ceoil TG4) and Female Musician of the Year in the Live Ireland Music Awards 2016.

“An eclecticism and spirit of adventure that is quite thrilling” THE TIMES “Dazzling virtuosity” THE DAILY TELEGRAPH “Chris is amazing... one of our greatest musicians” BBC RADIO 2 “In a class of their own” THE GUARDIAN “Music of fire and brilliance from the high-wire act in traditional music” THE IRISH TIMES ”Brilliant, innovative harping and guitar-playing of astonishing virtuosity and versatility” * * * * SONGLINES

If some people in your family are taking the Session Bus only one way and others are taking it round trip, please fill out the form once for those traveling one-way, and again for those who are traveling round-trip. Indicate the number of passengers for each trip on each form. 

Please note that space is limited, so students, staff, teachers, and Friday evening volunteers will be accommodated first. Once we know how many additional seats are left, we will release them on a first-come, first-served basis. There will definitely be more seats available on the return trip from the South Side to the North Side. 

Some teachers may choose to offer private lessons. For your convenience, we have made available a limited amount of time and space during which private lessons may be scheduled. Please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee the availability of private lessons and that any private lessons, their scheduling, and their pricing are at the sole discretion of the teacher.