seÁn Gavin

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Sean Gavin’s playing on the flute, whistle and uilleann pipes reflects his lifelong love for Irish traditional music. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan he was first encouraged to take up Irish music by his father, Clare-born fiddle player Mick Gavin. Sean played a variety of instruments before settling on the flute at the age of eleven with the help of flute-player Leo Mac Namara, a native of Scariff, Co. Clare. Not long after, he began work on the uilleann pipes with teacher Al Purcell—himself a student of famed Dublin-born piper Leo Rowsome. He and his family continue to lend much of their energies to the promotion of Irish traditional music in the Detroit area. In more recent years, Sean has been fortunate to cultivate a friendship with Sligo-born flute legend Kevin Henry and others of the older generation of musicians living in Chicago, Illinois where he currently lives. He is a member of another critically acclaimed group NicGaviskey and performs often with the Irish band Téada. He enjoys teaching and performing throughout North America and currently serves as the musical director for the sean-nós dancing performance ensemble Atlantic Steps.


Marta Cook

A traditional musician from a young age, Marta Cook is committed to realizing the potential of the modern lever harp as a traditional instrument. Her approach to technique and musicianship is greatly inspired by her love of fiddling and piping, and particularly by the legacy of those traditions in Chicago. She is also well-known as an accompanist with an interest in developing the harp as a rhythm instrument. 
 Marta is dedicated to teaching and coaching students of all abilities, from beginners of all ages to professional performers.  Her students have been recognized with numerous first place and runner up awards at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann as well as at the regional level.